Fake Stone for Real Decoration

Faux Stone PanelsThe stone siding on a wall is something worth discussing due to its lavish look and protection it provides to the wall. Stones naturally come in so many designs and colors that after installing them, you will feel no need to go for other designing options. However, the big adversary in this scenario is the price which is too high for homeowners to sometimes even think about this decoration solution.

With real stone not giving price advantage and the need of home decoration not fulfilled, home owners and designers ask for the alternate solution which lies in faux stone. Although, faux stone is not the real stone but it mimics the real stone so well that even the most discerning analysis might not turn out to be critical. The reason is that faux stone are texturized to develop the uneven surface which the real stones usually possess. Furthermore, the addition of iron pigments also plays a major role in developing the varying color in these stones.

One of the signature advantages of faux stone panels is that these are highly convenient to apply. Reduced weight and flexibility play a major role in this aspect. If you compare the real stone application with the application of faux stone on the walls, you will surely find out that faux stones can be installed in hours while the real stones can take days to get installed on the walls. The charming factor is the installation of faux stones which is so easy that you can do it by yourself and you will not need labor for it.

You might wonder that how much durable the faux stones can be. The answer is: nearly as much as the real stone. The stone part texture on faux stone panels is usually made hard to create the best resemblance with real stones but overall these panels are made flexible and strong to repel any kind of harsh weather effect or hard impacts. These panels are made to retain the shape even after going through fire. These durability characteristics of faux stone make it a nice protection for the exterior walls.

And finally, the major advantage for which the faux stone panels are preferred more than any other designing options is price. Faux stone panels cost the fraction of price that you need to pay for the purchase and installation of real stones. Faux stone panels stand prominent in the decoration solution industry due to their design, robustness and ease of use and that too in an amazingly low price.

Design Your Home with Panels

73bc7c83768a536f915b269e99ae7c6cStone has been in use for construction since ancient times and it is trusted because of its strength. However with the advent of modern era, the stones have been equally considered for designing purposes as well. The reason is that the stones naturally come in countless designs and colors. In fact, the renovation with stone has taken the shape of a full-fledged industry due to demands of stone in the market.

Decoration with stone has a major drawback and it concerned with the high cost in all the aspects. The stone siding is expensive while buying, customizing, applying and maintaining. This is the only cause that holds homeowners and designers back from going for the stone siding decoration solution. A perfect alternate, however, also exists and this alternate is the use of faux stone panels for decoration.

Faux stone is basically a representation of real stone on large panels, usually made of polyurethane. The stone part of these panels is made with design and texture in order to give an outlook of real stone. It would be worth mentioning here that faux stone manufacturing industry has a history of more than 50 years since its inception. Consistent improvement in technology has ensured the production of amazingly real-like faux stones. While installed on the wall, you will find it hard to make a judgment regarding its fakeness, not only by the outlook but also by touching.

Although the faux stones are made of a type of plastic, these stones mimic the real stones incredibly from the perspective of durability. The cell structure of polyurethane, used in these panels, is so flexible as well as hard that it can even withstand the hard blows of small to medium sized objects. Moreover, these stones are immune to weather changes. With faux stones installed on your house’s exterior, you will not have to worry about changing or renewing it for decades.

Faux stone panels are very lightweight and hence very easy to use. Since you do not need to work on bricks one-by-one, you can expect complete renovation of your entire home in hours rather than days. As a matter of fact, you might not need any labor at all if you have the basic carpentry knowledge.

With all these benefits and amazing features, the faux stones also cost seven times lesser than the real stones. This statement doesn’t mean that a due credit, which the real stone deserves, should be taken but if you are looking a good alternate of real stones in order to design your home, you can go for faux stone option.

Home Improvement with Faux Stone

Faux Brick Panel WallsEverybody loves to design the house and when the designing involves stones, the motivation and enthusiasm is even more heightened. The major reason is the output which is an ultimately lavish look. Furthermore, the stone is preferred more due to its ability to protect the interior and exterior of the house besides just being aesthetic. Contrariwise, the stones are also disliked for being highly expensive, not just when it comes to purchase but also when installed.

With the real stone being expensive and hard to handle, the homeowners and designers may question out of curiosity about the best alternate, which fortunately exists ideally. This alternate is faux stone.


Faux stone, as the name suggests, is the fake stone but the way it mimics the real stone is really amazing. Faux stones are made of polyurethane with pigments of iron in the composition to make it reflect the colors just like real stone does. Although flexible and a bit of rubbery as a whole, the polyurethane in these stones is hard enough, not just to give the good stony look but also to create sensation of stone when touched.

Ease of Application:

Faux stone panels are extremely lightweight and hence, are very easy to handle. A panel, which contains the design of several stones, is a ready-made siding which can be attached to a wall with the help of glue, hammer and nails. A few panels can cover the entire wall of a room in less than an hour. With this ease, homeowners find it extremely easy to decorate the house in not more than a day.


The major reason for the success of faux stones is that these stones mimic the real stones not just by the look but also by durability. The high quality polyurethane with required hardness is not only good at resisting the occurrence of any change in the shape due to harsh environments but it also protects the walls of house. This way, the faux stone panels, from a number of perspectives, can be as robust as real stones.


Decoration with faux stone panels is preferred more, perhaps, for the reason that faux stones are way less expensive as compared to real stones. Faux stone panels are cost effective not only when you purchase but also when you apply. With ease of application, you might not need a labor for it but if you do, you still wouldn’t find the labor highly expensive like you would with the real stone installation.

Let’s just not take any credit from the real stones when it comes to designing the home or workplace but if you are concerned with the price, you can always go for the faux stones and you will not regret it.

Cost Effective yet Lavish Decoration with Stone Panels

Faux Stones for Home DecorationStones, while used as wall sidings, can display a great show of decoration, strength and lavishness. Rocky stones on the exterior walls and finished stones on the interior walls reflect the design appreciating nature of the inhabitants of a particular place. Moreover, the stones also enhance durability of walls. However, despite all these benefits the stones are chosen less because of the fortune they cost while purchasing and applying on the walls.

To decorate the walls with stones while retaining the budget is challenge which can be met with success if you have chosen to go for the faux stones. Faux stones are the fake stones but due to the extreme resemblance with the real stones, these faux stones are now being considered by most of the homeowners around the globe. Faux stone has met with success due to its features, literally benefits, which are worth discussing in this content.

  • As mentioned above, faux stone panels incredibly mimic the real stone. Faux stone industry has been working for more than forty years and it has managed to win the trust of homeowners and designers after consistently improving design of manufactured stone panels. You will be amazed to hear that the wall, you look at, doesn’t have the real stone siding but the faux stone. The stone part of these panels is texturized with such material which not only brings the outlook of stone but also the sensation which can be felt by touching it.
  • Real stones are durable but if you study about the faux stone, you will be astounded to know that these panels sometimes surpass the durability mark that of real stone. Faux stone panels offer great resistance against several harsh environmental changes as well as the attack of pests or insects that can be highly dangerous for real stones. Moreover, these panels are also immune to the hard impacts due to enhanced durability.
  • Faux stone panels are extremely convenient to apply. Unlike the real stones, which require professional hands and costly labor for application, faux stone panels can be attached without the help of others if you have very basic carving skills.

With all the benefits and amazing features, faux stone costs just a fraction of the price you are required to pay for the real stones. Moreover, due to ease of application, faux stone panels do not cost a big price for the labor if you have decided to have rest and let others do the decoration for you.

Faux Stone for Real Stone Outlook

Faux Stone PanelsWhether it is design or construction, stone is the ultimate choice. However, it would be once in a blue moon that you could find any infrastructure built from stones, but you will definitely find places which are covered with stone veneers for decoration. Even used for decoration purposes, stones do not only give the great outlook but also contribute in the enhancement of building’s strength. Nonetheless, price is the major antagonist which many people are concerned about despite all the benefits stone can offer. Moreover, handling of stone is also worth worrying about because cutting the stone and shaping it to make the usable veneers needs extremely professional hands. It all comes to cost again.

With stone too expensive and difficult to manipulate, an alternate is something which can definitely be of huge significance. The best alternate in this concern is the faux stone. Faux stone is the fake stone which is made specifically to be used as walls’ sidings. There are a lot of benefits that faux stone offers. What are those benefits? Let’s have some discussion about that.

Faux stone panels are made to mimic the real stones and this is what these panels do perfectly. Faux stones have the texture, design and color to make them look amazing. In fact, these stones are manufactured perfectly in order to be undisclosed regarding its authenticity. This is the reason that people prefer faux stone to be used for interior designing as well.

While purchasing faux stone panels, it is perfectly normal to be concerned about the durability, since it is the faux stone, not the real one. The answer to this query is that the faux stone panels may be even more durable as compared to real stones. There are several reasons for it. Major one is that these panels are flexible because of the polyurethane content. However, the stone part of panel is texturized with hard material to make it real stone-like. When these panels are attached on the walls, they last longer than the real stones because of their immunity against severe weather changes as well as against pests and insects that can be dangerous for real stones.

Faux stone panels are ideal because of good design, durability and more importantly, the low cost. You will just need to pay a fraction of the cost, for the purchase of faux stones, which you were supposed to spend on real stones. Moreover, faux stone paneling doesn’t require professional labor. In fact, you can install these panels by yourself. All in all, faux stone is the win-win solution if you want to have cost effective siding solution while keeping the quality intact.

Some Advantages of Faux Stone over Natural Stone

Faux Stone PanelsWhen it comes to designing the walls of interior and exterior of house or workplace, nothing can beat stone due to its uniqueness. Aside from strength and durability, stones naturally come in different colors which can add reasonable character to the interiors and exteriors of the homes and workplaces. However, there is a major drawback of stone application for designing any place and that is the higher cost.  Stones are costly when purchased, heavier when moved and delicate when being shaped. Overall practice of stone application for designing requires huge budget and lot of time.

With stone being expensive and hard in upkeep, one may wonder about the easy and cost effective solution. Good news is there is an alternate solution which is not only cost effective but authentic in giving the outlook. This solution is the faux stone. Faux stone is the fake stone which is made to mimic the real stone when applied for a place’s decoration. It would be worth discussing the factors which make faux stone even more reasonable choice over real stone.

Working with faux stone is awfully easy. Unlike the real stones, faux stones come in the form of entire veneer panels of medium sizes which you can attach on the walls. Made of polyurethane, these panels are easy to cut and need only nails and hammer for attachment. You may need only a day or less to get these panels to cover the entire exterior of the house.

As mentioned above, faux stone panels give the real stone outlook. In fact, the texture on the panels doesn’t only give real stone sight but they also give the sensation of real stone when touched.

Durability of faux stone panels, available nowadays, is improved a lot as compared to the early days’ production. One of the major reasons that people choose faux stone over real stone is that these panels are as durable as real stones. In fact, faux stone panels can be advantageous even more than the real stones from a number of perspectives. For example, real stones may suffer gradual to quick decay when exposed to severe climates for some years. The faux stone panels are made to withstand forever. Moreover, faux stones are immune to several creatures like pests and insects.

With all the advantages mentioned above, faux stone is still inexpensive when we compare its cost with real stone. This cost effectiveness is not only for the purchase but also when you attach these panels to the walls or floors. Since, faux stones can be handled way easier than the real stones; it is obvious that you will not have to hire labor with the cost as that of real stone. The matter of fact is that you can do this installation by yourself if you have very basic carpentry skills.

Faux Stone – Fake Stone for Real Deal

Faux StoneThe imagination about a peaceful and cozy life starts and ends on the concept of a home that can provide you with an escape from the hassle and stress of busy, urban environment. For this, you can start developing a cozy environment within your home. You can design a fireplace, place a rug, arrange sofas, decorate the lawn with flowers and plants of different types and do a lot of things to get near to the nature. One of the best things you can do is design your interior and exterior walls with stone because nothing can give you the sensation of nature in your room more than stones.

One thing that should be kept in mind while considering decorating walls with stones is the cost. Stones are undoubtedly highly beneficial besides just being aesthetic but cost is the factor that overcomes all the positive features of stones. The need for an alternate in this scenario let the designing solution industry develop faux stone panels. These panels are constituted of polyurethane or concrete. However the most popular are the ones made of polyurethane. There are certain advantages that make these panels ideal for home decoration.

Nearly a decade ago, manufactured faux stone panels didn’t give an outlook of authenticity. Nowadays, the faux stone panels are made with precision to make them look lifelike. Polyurethane is texturized to reflect the sensation of real stones not just by looks but also with the touch. Moreover, the colors and designs tend to induce the sensation of coziness that can only be caused by real stones.

Faux stone panels are not only aesthetically perfect but these are also very much identical to the real stones from the perspective of durability. As a matter of fact, the faux stones may be even more durable as compared to real stones in some aspects. Faux stones not only provide excellent insulation when installed outside but are highly resistant against the severe weather changes. Moreover, these faux panels do not let pests and insects dwell into them, hence protecting the walls too.

The most appropriately fitting reason, along with the above mentioned qualities, for the popularity of these panels is its lower cost. Faux stone panels are available at amazingly less expense as compared to real stones but cost effective purchase is not the only benefit from the cost’s viewpoint. These panels, unlike the real stones, are very easy to install and this is the reason that one can easily eliminate the labor cost if he/she is capable to hammer the nail.

Stone Siding – Is it More Beneficial than Real Stone

Faux Stone sidingArchitectural excellence is appreciated only when it looks good. Common viewers cannot do the white box testing to conclude that the infrastructure of building, standing in front of them, is a state of the art one unless the building looks stylish and beautiful. This is the area where you have to think about stones of different designs to be applied to the outer and inner walls of the building to make it look beautiful. The reason is that the stones have always been regarded as something which can exhibit design and character of the building.

There are numerous advantages that stone siding can grant to the building such as good look and protection but the only con that overwhelms the pros is the price. While dealing with the real stone for decoration, there are several aspects to be taken care about and each one requires a fortune to be spent. From purchasing to application on the walls, the stone needs to be handled professionally otherwise the costly purchase can go wasted. It means that the labor for stone application also needs to be paid handsomely.

With real stone too expensive and hard to handle, there needs to be an alternate. Fortunately, there is one in the form of faux stone. Faux stone isn’t the real stone by any means but it is designed to replicate the real stone in best way. There are some major advantages of faux stone which are worth considering.

  • Faux stone is highly inexpensive in all the aspects. Let’s start with the purchase. A standard faux stone panel will cost you $10 – 11 per square foot. Whereas the real stone costs $70 per square foot. Moreover, the installation cost of faux stone panel is too low because of ease of installation. As a matter of fact, you can do the installation work by yourself.
  • Faux stone panels amazingly give an outlook of real stones. Once installed, even the most hypercritical analysis will not go in the favor of disapproval of these faux stones because of the looks.
  • Faux stone panels are lightweight, strong and flexible. The stone part texture of these panels is made hard enough to imitate the character of stone. The major advantage that makes the faux stones even more considerable over the real stones is that these panels resist climatic effects and are not damageable by fire. Furthermore, these panels are immune to the hard impacts. These panels are also safer against insects and fungus which can affect the real stones.

Faux stone panels, available now a day, are made by state of the art technology. More effort has been to make them perfect for home decoration. If you do not want to install the real stones only because of the cost factor, you can go for these faux stone panels. You will not regret it.

Wall Siding Solution – What are the Advantages

Faux Stone sidingWhen you think about setting the first impression right with the outlook of your home, you might thing about a good door or a stylish welcome front entrance. Of course these are important parts of your home and you need to beautify them but the wall siding is something which is observed at very first by the arriving guests or visitors.

The siding solutions are numerous out of which stone siding is the most preferred one. It is due to the fact that stones display a character of strength. When installed on the inside walls of home, the stones create an environment of coziness and warmness which the people, looking for an escape from busy life in the day times, crave for. But there are several factors which make the process of arrangement of stones, for wall siding, an inconvenient option. It includes price, labor and time of completion. However, there is an alternate that can serve the same purpose but with less issues. It is the faux stone panels.

There are several advantages that make faux stones even more preferable over the use of real stones. The first one is the cost. Faux stone siding solutions are cheaper than any other decoration options in all the aspects. From purchase to application, faux stone panels offer cost effectiveness that can convince any homeowner, even with a tight budget, go for this solution.

Beautification with faux stone panels displays the character of real stone. This is the very feature which makes the faux stone panel a top choice for the wall’s siding. Real stone sidings look beautiful when the stones are edgy and sometimes randomly connected. Faux stone panels are designed in exactly the same way.

Stone represents strength. This is the reason that even the decoration with stones need to bring this characteristic into the part of the home where stone is attached. Faux stones also possess it as its main feature. The hard polyurethane content of these panels is strong enough to repel the effects caused by climatic variations and even the hard impacts. Faux stone panels are somehow better than the real stones when it comes to durability because these panels are absolutely resistant to the pests and insect that can create cavities in the stones.

Choosing the faux stone for home decoration is the wise decision but one should be wary about the quality concerns while these panels. It would be worth searching for the best source from where the good quality faux panels can be purchased.

What Do You Need For Home Decoration

Faux Stones for Home DecorationHome decoration is hectic but you cannot let this process be overlooked because it helps create the home like environment you require. You can set the wooden floor or place a new rug. When it comes to the walls, there are a number of designing options you can go for. Installing stone veneers can enhance your home environment in this regard but you might wonder about the affordability because real stone can be highly expensive not just to buy but also to apply. Your best alternate here is the faux stone.

The faux stones are made of either the solid concrete or polyurethane. Both these materials are made into the shape of panels which mimic the real stone veneers. There are certain advantages that faux stone panels can offer. Let’s discuss some of them.

The first advantage of using faux stone is the low price. For real stones, you need to pay $70 per square feet whereas the faux stones cost you $11 – 12 per square feet. Faux stones are inexpensive not only while purchasing but they benefit you when you apply them on the wall. The faux stones come in the form entire panels. If you like to work on your own, you can read the manuals, which come with the packaging of these panels, and install them without anyone’s help. Even if you hire the labor, you can get these panels installed and you will not have to pay huge price for that.

An unbelievable feature of faux stones is that these stones are even more durable as compared to real stones in many aspects. The flexibility and durability of content, used to manufacture the faux stone panels, put great resistance against the severe climate changes. Moreover, these panels are immune to insects and pests that are thought to be dangerous for the stones, bricks and walls.

The faux stone panels available these days amazingly resemble the real stone. The texture, design, color and random shapes of these veneers are never less graceful as compared to the real stones. This is the mighty reason that faux stone panels are now being picked by most of the people who want to design the homes or workplaces. After all, what can be better if you have the option to decorate your place with the looks of real stones in astonishingly low price?